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Scott Horne

I’ve been an attorney with Horne and Associates PC in Dallas for 35 years. I’ve been involved in closing some 10,000 creative finance transactions and have purchased, remodeled, and sold over 2,500 single family homes. Additional I’m owner of 1st Option Title and OFN National Escrow with my partner, Susan Tierney. We also own many other businesses all vertically integrated in real estate. My passion is investing in real estate and my only strategy is Owner Financing, I hold over 300 owner finance notes.

Susan Tierney

Before investing in real estate, I spent 30 years in Sales, Marketing and Public Relations working with many of the country’s largest media firms. I started my own Media agency, Tierney Media in 1988 and it still exists today. My specialty was in helping entrepreneurial companies get their products on the shelves of the nation’s largest retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. I wholesaled my first property in March of 2016. Today I currently hold 100+ Owner Financed Mortgages and it continues to be my primary investment strategies. I’m also partners with Scott Horne in our real estate investment business as well as other real estate related businesses.

Andrea Langston

I have over 25 years of experience in title, escrow, and mortgage. I have handled all types of transactions, including commercial, residential, investor, wrap and seller finance transactions. I enjoy helping people with one of the biggest purchases of their lives. I love escrow, because every file is different, and I love the challenge of difficult transactions. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time exploring the great outdoors with family, friends and my 7 year old pitty, Harley.

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